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  • Spiritual Authority: The Essential Source of All Authority is God!

    Spiritual Authority: The Essential Source of All Authority is God!

    Spiritual Authority is a powerfully impactful work of wisdom, guiding you to grasp wholeness in the heart of the Heavenly Father and the grace-filled guide of His authority.

    In this book, you will learn:

    - The source of ultimate spiritual authority
    - Exercising God's authority
    - The secret of spiritual strength
    - The power to overcome
    - Obedience and surrender
    - The nine principles for application

  • The Political Seduction of the Church: How Millions Of American Christians Have Confused Politics with the Gospel

    The Political Seduction of the Church: How Millions Of American Christians Have Confused Politics with the Gospel

    How are we called to bring about true biblical change?

    "Should Christians should be involved in politics? Absolutely. Do I prefer the policies of one main political party over those of the other main party? Definitely. Do I believe that the spiritual and political realms often overlap? Certainly. But to the extent that we confuse the gospel with politics or identify one party as "God's party," or seek to advance the goals of the gospel largely through politics, to that extent we will fail."

    In his inimitable and convincing style, Dr. Brown urges us to learn the lessons from the Donald Trump presidency, in particular from the 2020 elections and the events that followed. Dr. Brown gets to the root of the confusion and points the way to the true role of the church in today's society. He exposes the false prophetic spirit and paints a picture of the healthy intersection of the gospel and politics. He writes as someone with deep concerns about the radical leftist agenda and minimal trust in much of the secular media. But also as someone who wants to find the true biblical way forward.

  • Life With A Limp: Discovering God's Purpose In Your Pain

    Life With A Limp: Discovering God's Purpose In Your Pain

    Everybody walks with a limp. From cradle to casket, life is filled with physical, mental, and emotional pain. Some may hide their limp better than others. Nevertheless, the limp is there. Suffering is no respecter of persons.

    While suffering afflicts our bodies and emotions, the problem of suffering afflicts the mind. When confronted by tragedy, one may ask: How can I survive this pain? But eventually, the more philosophical questions occupy the mind: Why did God let this happen? or How can I trust a God who would let my child die?

    In Life with a Limp, David Stevens provides a robust, biblical reflection on these and other questions such as:

    - How do I handle my grief?
    - What is the role of suffering in the Christian life?
    - How do I reconcile my suffering with belief in an all-good God?
    - Do all things really work together for good for those who love God?

    This book is for "limpers" by one who limps. Throughout, the author shares his story of limping through doubt, loss, and grief following the death of his firstborn son. But more importantly, he explores how our limp in life can help us grow more in love with our suffering Savior.

  • The Good Pastor

    The Good Pastor

    "What does it take to persevere in ministry?"

    The number of pastors who actually cross the finish line in vocational ministry is depressingly small. Excitement and exhilaration often turn to disappointment and depression, and we lose all too many. Is there hope?

    With openness and frankness, Pastor Kelly Williams offers a stark and realistic portrayal of the very real and meaningful struggles we all face in doing ministry. He shares from the "trenches" of church and ministry, as well as in the home, and tackles the core issues with grace and hope.

    Kelly's wisdom, born out of weaknesses of the flesh and his own spiritual struggles, is both articulate and devoted. Through his own trials and the disciplines God has honed through his life and ministry, he offers fresh ways to rediscover the disciplines, principles, and commitments to serve the Lord.

  • Sex & Society: God's Design, Tradition, & the Pursuit of Happiness

    Sex & Society: God's Design, Tradition, & the Pursuit of Happiness

    Today, it would be difficult to overstate how profoundly our attitudes toward sex and its meaning have changed. Our grandparents would not even recognize us. Blinded by the myth of inexorable cultural progress, progressives distort sexuality and continue to foster their nontraditional values in our culture and with our children.

    Clinical psychologist J. Michael Kuiper presents compelling evidence that our freefall from tradition has also produced a freefall from happiness. Despite an insatiable quest for freedom and self-fulfillment, we have become a troubled and confused society with a remarkable decline in mental and spiritual health. With irrefutable research and unbiased analysis, Kuiper answers important questions:

    - Are sexual revolutionaries leading us down a destructive path?
    - Is our mental health improving or deteriorating?
    - Are we witnessing self-actualization or self-destruction?
    - What happens when we pretend that gender differences do not exist?
    - Do we ignore pornography's influence on our children?
    - Are we fostering more love and joy or hate and disgust?

  • Triumph: The Savvy You Need To Fulfill Your Life Of Purpose

    Triumph: The Savvy You Need To Fulfill Your Life Of Purpose

    After years of enduring the elusive Covid-19 pandemic, heightened civil disorder and mass shootings, and now the rapid evolution of the internet, smartphones, and social media to magnify these devastations. With these life-altering events, is it a surprise Millennials and other generations are dealing with a mental health crisis?

    In Triumph, Akif Felix shares the extent of how these and other pressures affected his mental health and the life lessons he's learned.

    Written from a survivor's and layperson's view, Triumph is not a medical or technical work about mental health. Instead, Akif shares how he reclaimed his life and how you can too. His candid and incredibly informative book will inspire readers who desire purpose and direction.

    Combining his faith and practical strategies helps us move from hopeless to hopeful, from anxious to peaceful, overwhelmed to free.

    You deserve to discover a life characterized by peace, not peril. Join Akif on the journey to lasting freedom and embrace joy, clarity, and contentment as you learn to achieve your triumph.

  • The Storms Have Only Just Begun: Becoming Houses Who Will Stand In The Relentless Storms of the Decade

    The Storms Have Only Just Begun: Becoming Houses Who Will Stand In The Relentless Storms of the Decade

    In The Storms Have Only Just Begun, Rob Streetman challenges the Church to inspect our individual and corporate foundations - to expose any spiritual shallowness, cracks, or vulnerabilities threatening the stability and security of our house.

    Once our houses are adequately inspected, necessary repair and restoration must follow, lest the storms catch us unprepared and vulnerable to the deceptions, distractions, and destruction our enemies intend.

    With God's inspection and restoration complete, abiding as He desires becomes our final consideration. How do we respond to the storms of this decade and the destruction they produce?

    Rob Streetman encourages the Church to abide in Christ and embrace the responsibilities and opportunities entrusted to the inhabitants of strong houses: providing refuge, encouragement, and truth to those who have lost theirs.

    God's purpose and desire for The Storms Have Only Just Begun is the ultimate perfecting of our houses, for His glory and kingdom!

  • Not A Mistake

    Not A Mistake


    Are you a parent struggling with LGBTQ questions?

    In Not A Mistake, Jim Domen writes of his personal journey, growing up with same-sex attraction, his parents' response when he "came out," his prodigal return, and his ongoing struggles as he leads his wife, his children, and his ministry to serve Christ Jesus.

    Jim Domen shares his personal stories and the story of many others who grapple with same-sex attraction.

    Compassionately written with deep personal reflection, Not A Mistake provides an essential biblically-based resource for parents, families, and friends of loved ones with same-sex attraction. Jim addresses all of the central questions, from using preferred pronouns to attending gay weddings and parenting children who identify as LGBTQ.

    Most important of all - the essential message is this: Your parenting is not a mistake. Your child is not a mistake.

  • Becoming Great: Loving A Culture In Conflict

    Becoming Great: Loving A Culture In Conflict


    In his inspiring, Christ-centered series of essays, author Greg Wallace challenges the American Church to focus on Jesus rather than on the cultural storms of the day. Each essay emboldens the Church to serve others in Christlike love rather than pursuing and exercising greater worldly authority. Becoming Great guides us through the rough waters of our world to rely more and more on our Lord and Savior.

    As the cultural storms increase in frequency and intensity, Greg Wallace reminds us that our tools are not the tools of the world but are mighty in God in pulling down of strongholds. If we are to be more like Christ, then we should act as He did, "Love each other just as much as I have loved you." John 13:34 (TPT)

  • The Language of God: A Companion Dictionary To The Bible

    The Language of God: A Companion Dictionary To The Bible

    After God created the universe, God's first gift to man was the power to use words to name the animals. "And the man became a living person" (Genesis 2:7) as "a speaking spirit."

    Words are alive with meaning and power: the power to create and the power to destroy. Words can be hateful and destructive. Words can express and contain love, faith, hope, desire, devotion, commitment, eternal wisdom, and holiness. Words can also impart forgiveness, healing, and restoration.

    "For the Lord grants wisdom! From his mouth comes knowledge and understanding. He grants a treasure of good sense to the godly". (Proverbs 2:6-7) (NLT)

    Who would not want knowledge, understanding, wisdom, and good sense?

    The Language of God contains simple, concise, easily understood definitions of over 115 vital biblical words.

    The Language of God is a handy reference for new Christians beginning to understand God's Word and for "old" Christians who would like a refresher.

    Read the word definitions attentively but more carefully listen to the voice of the Spirit, the Word of Life who is speaking.