Compendium Podcast - Orrin Rudolph author of Let it Go!

Compendium Podcast - Orrin Rudolph author of Let it Go!

In this episode of the Compendium Podcast, host Joseph Baker interviews Orrin Rudolph, author of: Let it Go! How to Gain Freedom from Your Past and Power for your Future.

Growing up in South Africa during apartheid Orrin experienced the murder of his close cousin as well as the shooting of his mother. From these experiences as well as a strained relationship with his father he became bitter and angry towards everyone. He allowed this past to impact my future relationships with those he loved, through uncontrolled anger. Learning the biblical secret of the process of letting go has placed him on a journey of healing and restored relationships and a new acceptance of people.

He now helps grow congregations by providing interactive workshops, powerful keynotes, dynamic preaching and individual coaching which helps people and congregations overcome the pain of the past through the power of forgiveness.

He helps people and congregations let go of resentment, hurt, anger and fear so that they can achieve wholeness, richer relationships and professional success to encourage healthy growth within the local body.

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