Christian Authorship: Principles for Success

Writing as a Christian author involves more than a commitment to crafting stories; it encompasses serving others by promoting the welfare of the reader community. Christian authors seek to inspire, educate, and uplift readers, leveraging their writing as a vehicle for promoting Christian values and teachings.

A Christian author's work often reflects spiritual principles such as love, forgiveness, and self-sacrifice, mirroring the principles of Christian leadership. They aim to lead their readers towards personal and spiritual growth by presenting characters, plot-lines, and themes that exemplify these principles. The goal is not to preach, but to weave Christian values subtly into narratives, allowing readers to engage with and reflect upon these values organically.

Success as a Christian author, much like Christian leadership, requires leading by example. Rather than focusing solely on the commercial success of their work, successful Christian authors prioritize conveying the teachings of Christianity through their writing. The influence and impact they create are just as important, if not more so, than sales or popularity.

Decision-making in Christian authorship is often guided by the principles and values of Christianity. The Bible frequently serves as a crucial resource and guiding text, helping to shape plot-lines, characterizations, and moral decisions within their works. By doing so, Christian authors embody the same servant-leadership approach seen in Christian leadership, serving their readership by providing morally enriching and spiritually uplifting content.

Publishing a book as a Christian author involves also writing, editing, proofing, printing, marketing, sales, and much more. 

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