‘Beyond The Walls’ Initiative to Help Pastors Publish Books

‘Beyond The Walls’ Initiative to Help Pastors Publish Books

Facing an unpredictable with unique challenges, pastors are forced to pivot and create new ways to minister and reach out to their communities. While the needs of their congregations and church members abruptly changed early in 2020, the ways in which a pastor and church can meet those needs have also changed. Many pastors have turned to video and social media to expand the walls of their church, while others are turning to writing and publishing a book.

Vide Press, the book publishing division of The Christian Post, has announced a new initiative to partner with pastors and church leaders who want to use a book to minister to those within their church and also to readers around the world who are hurting and desperately need the Gospel. The initiative is called “Beyond the Walls With Books.”

Tom Freiling, Director, Vide Press, has been working with pastors and church leaders for more than 25 years. He’s spearheading the project and is eager to connect with pastors who want to write and get published. “We’re excited to leverage the reach of The Christian Post to feature pastors and their messages of hope,” says Freiling. Vide Press is in a unique position to reach people in a way that other Christian publishers can’t during these unprecedented times.

Vide Press is looking specifically for pastors who are writing about themes of building more faith and hope, repairing broken relationships, marriage and family, finding peace during chaos, overcoming fear and depression, racial reconciliation, and other topics relevant to our uncertain times.

Why should pastors consider writing and publishing a book? During the pandemic, and political and cultural upheaval, people are looking for truth. This is a confusing time and by writing and publishing a book, pastors can help offer more clarity and truth, which in turns bring freedom and hope. The internet and mobile devices make it easy to access information, but so much data can often contradict and confuse our lives.

Vide Press wants to help pastors guide readers toward God’s everlasting love and Word through the medium of a book. Unlike video and digital media, books are a more permanent and well thought-out way to express God’s Word. Books are something readers go back to, read and re-read, and pass along to friends and family. This is why our “Beyond the Walls With Books” initiative is such a unique way for pastors to diversify their ministry.