New Releases

  • Greater Things

    There are no perfect leaders. God uses unprepared, untrained, incomplete, and unqualified people to "see and do greater things" for Him. He guides and gives vision, while equipping those He calls.

    In this practical and inspirational book, Dr. Paul Swamidass explores how Biblical leadership skills and giftings are multi-dimensional. He highlights both the leader's strengths and weaknesses and shows how Christ-centered leadership based on Biblical truth creates a thriving leader equipped to strengthen and prepare other believers.

  • Clothed With Christ

    Spiritual transformation is a powerful process, refining and renewing a Christ-follower from the inside out. Clothing yourself in Christ is a practice of priority, dressing each day in His character and calling to righteousness.

    Using the Bible's rich metaphorical language and imagery of clothing and attire, Clothed with Christ takes readers on a journey of personal reflection, guiding them to take intentional steps toward spiritual transformation. William S. Bentley expertly weaves Christian principles with Biblical truth in this encouraging and motivational read.

  • Leading Beyond Your Limits

    Leading Beyond Limits introduces a new faith-filtered view of leadership, an innovative and revolutionary approach based on both biblical principles and developmental psychology.

    The authors, Michael and Valerie Murphy, have a lifetime of learned leadership experience in both the classroom and in practice, and they offer more than a one-size-fits-all approach. They show how God has placed all the necessary resources into every leader's life to accomplish everything He wants them to do. They teach how to discern who you are as a leader and craft your own leadership vision around what God is doing in your own particular environment.

  • Providence

    Providence tells a gritty, honest, and awe-inspiring survival story. As Jeff battled cancer cells invading his body and treatments that threatened to sap his soul, he lost sight of God and His unending love for him.

    Through the darkness, God emerged in spectacular fashion, offering a lesson in providence that will not long be forgotten. If you're struggling to find God in the midst of your pain, you'll find in Jeff Parker's story the courage to believe.

  • Arise Together

    Twenty chapters written by America’s leading pastors and ministers during the COVID-19 pandemic, capturing what God is doing and what He is teaching us during this moment of crisis.

    Twenty Authors: Greg Laurie, Anne Graham Lotz, Samuel Rodriguez, Jack Graham, Jentezen Franklin, Robert Morris, Miles McPherson, Allen Jackson, Michael Youssef, Walter Kim, Richard Land, Harry Jackson Jr., William Vanderbloemen, Michael Brown, Joni Eareckson Tada, Gabriel Salguero, Shane Pruitt, Rob Schenck, David Dockery, and Wallace Henley. 

  • The Right to Believe

    This compelling book offers thoughtful views on how and why America's religious liberties are under attack today, and what actions can be taken to protect this important freedom. You'll better understand the rich history of religious liberty in America and the reasons why it's come a lightning-rod issue that's being debated everywhere from the the media to the halls of Congress.

    The contributors of this book believe that religious organizations, churches, pastors, and ministries are subject to increasing attacks by anti-religious forces, and that the First Amendment preserves diversity, where people of different faiths, values, and beliefs can live peacefully together without fear or retribution from the government. They come from a wide variety of backgrounds, both personally and professionally, and each offers a valuable viewpoint based on their collective experiences. They all write for The Christian Post including David Closson, Rachel Alexander, Nolan Harkness, Robin Schumacher, Will Vining, Wallace Henley, Karen Farris, Charis Brown, Marcus Tatum, Justin Steckbauer, Ron Hale, Nicole Hayes, Prashanth Daniel, John Tuttle, Sean Coons, Greg Garner, Greg Sukert, and Mark Conn.